Engineering for Efficiency

Equipment room
CEE's engineering team helps building owners and managers better understand and optimize their energy use to improve the operation of equipment and systems, reduce energy waste, and manage long-term sustainability planning.

With extensive experience in reducing energy waste in many types of facilities, our professional engineers are especially equipped to meet the needs of complex or unique buildings with an emphasis on cost-effective, low- or no-cost solutions.

We tailor practical solutions to your building’s needs and your budget. We are well-equipped to work with complex building systems, such as schools, ice arenas, correctional, manufacturing and exceptionally large facilities.

+ Ventilation managment during COVID-19

Our focus on ice arenas

As your go-to energy experts, CEE’s engineers will:

  • Screen your facility to assess for energy and operational waste

  • Perform a comprehensive study to identify recommendations, often simple, to achieve energy savings

  • Develop an Energy Efficiency Operations Plan, thoughtfully tailored to your facility, your systems, and your goals

  • Oversee data collection and help you choose the right key indicators to track, providing you with helpful tools and expert advice

  • Train your staff and provide support for ongoing efficient operations

Across the board, we customize our services to your needs and your building. As an independent service provider, we focus on optimizing what you have, rather than pushing for equipment replacement — which tends to mean quicker results, easier cash flows, and faster paybacks.

Engineering Staff

Mark_3_web_100.jpgMark Hancock, P.E.

Director of Engineering


Thomas_Howlett_web.jpgThomas Howlett, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer


Cody_Meschke_web.jpgCody Meshchke, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer