Northeast Green Light Project

Anna Jursik, Lester Shen

Known as the Northeast Green Light Project, the installation operates as both a beacon to draw in and educate the larger community and as a catalyst to spur that community to action.

The installation consists of a core of six light sculptures ranging in height from 10 to 12 feet on the SE corner of the Edison High School parking lot at 22nd and Quincy St. NE. Brenner created them from steel, glass, fiber-optic lighting, and LED lamps. They connect to a wireless data management system, and the color of the lamps change to represent energy conservation data. The installation was unveiled in November 2013. 


Project Partners

Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association will play a major role in organizing community involvement with this project and raising awareness about the project’s mission, largely through the Medallion Public Arts Connector initiative. The NE Green Light Project will be a central feature of the Northeast Green Campus Initiative at Edison High School. Mississippi Watershed Management Organization has committed $1 million to undertake two significant stormwater recapture projects at the Edison parking lot and community gym, which will be implemented by Stantec

Art as Energy

CEE sees public art as an opportunity to apply new perspective to our on-the-ground knowledge and create an emotional response to energy. After thirty years of research and program implementation, we know that even when individuals are armed with information about the long-term impact of their energy actions, barriers prevent them from making positive behavior change. With assistance from Forecast Public Art, CEE developed Art as Energy to collaborate with local artists and designers. The grant furthers our nonprofit mission by empowering acts of energy conservation and efficiency.

Image credit:

James Brenner