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CEE identifies cost-effective efficiency measures for utility programs, and policies that advance efficiency and public health. From homes to high-rises, our data-driven field research assesses savings and performance characteristics of specific energy approaches including:

Building Envelopes

Our research staff corrects large-building air leakage and tests new sealant methods to prevent energy loss from leaky envelopes. We focus on cost-effective technologies that make sense for our region’s cold climate and building stock with reasonable payback periods.

Air Leakage

CEE seeks to reduce wasted energy from duct leaks and gaps between units. Projects include assessing the reliability and cost-effectiveness of aerosol sealing in multifamily buildings and characterizing large commercial building duct systems to develop diagnostic procedures.

HVAC Design and Retrofits

CEE applies our building science expertise to ensure that appliances and equipment are operating as intended to maximize energy savings. We test residential hot water heaters, commercial rooftop unit controls, condensing boiler performance, and energy recovery.

Indoor Air Quality

Our staff has measured secondhand smoke transfer in apartments, bars, and restaurants, and contributed to ASHRAE Indoor Air Quality standards and guides. Air quality is a vital aspect of building performance and impacts public health, overlapping significantly with energy efficiency.

Energy Feedback and Behavior

We test and refine energy scoring tools and evaluate feedback mechanisms for homeowners and landlords. We evaluate energy feedback technologies and programs, and explore novel ways to engage building owners and occupants and create tools to provide feedback.


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