Media: Benchmarking the U.S. Electricity Grid Against the Eclipse (Clean Energy Authority)

May 19, 2017

From Clean Energy Authority

The eclipse will be visible across the continent, depending on cloud cover and other factors – like the lunar limb profile – and will last two minutes, give or take 1 to 3 seconds. In California, where the sun shines almost all the time, utility-scale solar energy provides 8 gigawatts , or GW. Another 4 GW is private, and comprised of solar rooftops and arrays.  While Californians are outside staring at the sky, California’s electric utilities will be briefly – and hectically – trying to make up for the loss of output from those solar power plants...

...Elsewhere, three Midwest states—Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota—are plodding their way through the various stages of shaping a future in which utilities operate within a reliable, resilient, affordable, and 21st Century clean grid system.

In Minnesota, this e21 Initiative is result of cooperation between the Great Plains Institute and the Center for Energy and Environment, aided by project partners George Washington University Law School, Xcel Energy, and Minnesota Power...

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