Media: Pursuing the Electric System of the Future, Before You Have To (T&D World)

Apr 15, 2019

Minnesota’s e21 Initiative, co-led by CEE and Great Plains Institute, unites utilities, consumer advocates, regulators, and environmental advocates to develop a 21st century energy system that better aligns a financially viable utility business model with increasing customer expectations and evolving policy goals.

From Transmision and Distribution Magazine:

There is little doubt that the energy system is undergoing a time of rapid technological change, as well as changing attitudes about carbon and its role in the power sector. And, while these changes might not seem to be related, both grid modernization and carbon are parts of a broader discussion about the future of the power system. The Great Plains Institute (GPI) is helping to address the complexity of system planning in the face of these rapid changes, through a series of projects with utilities, states and other stakeholders...

...The e21 initiative in Minnesota, convened by GPI and its partner, the Center for Energy and Environment, is an example of one of these processes. Remarkably, it began as an idea among Minnesota’s energy system stakeholders. There was no legislative, gubernatorial or regulatory commission mandate, but only a desire to plan for Minnesota’s energy future before it became necessary because of a crisis (Minnesotans are used to planning for winter). Beginning in 2014, the group—roughly 40 stakeholders who met at least monthly for two years—established guiding principles and undertook substantial educational efforts on a number of specific issues. Then in 2015, the group wrote action-oriented reports on grid modernization, integrated resource planning and performance-based utility compensation that sought to lay out key recommendations for regulators, policy makers and other actors...

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